Iconic Czech bitter

original recipe

The secret recipe that has been passed down through generations is based on a unique mix of herbs and spices, pure water from Karlovy Vary region, high quality spirit and sugar.

Since 1807

Named after the Becher family, the traditional liqueur in the legendary flat green bottle carries across generations values that are as valid today as they were 200 years ago.

From Carlsbad

Born in the spa town in 1807, Becherovka is produced there to this day and earned the nickname the thirteenth spring of Karlovy Vary. You can enjoy Becherovka not only in Czechia but in many countries all across the world.

How to enjoy

Becherovka tastes great on its own, perfect serve require ice-cold Becherovka in a frozen shot. It is also a fantastic base for mixed drinks.

The Story of Becherovka

In a whirlwind of creativity, Josef Vitus Becher spent two years perfecting a herbal liqueur recipe he got from the renowned Dr. Christian Frobrig. And in 1807, he unleashed a flavor sensation like no other – brace yourself for a journey of tantalizing tastes and unforgettable moments, as Becher’s liqueur becomes an instant classic, cherished by all who savor its bittersweet taste…

Visit us

Step into the captivating world of Becherovka and unravel the story of the most famous Czech bitter at its home in Karlovy Vary! You can expect guided tour through the remarkable history with tasting and full introduction of our production during the factory visit. Get ready for unforgettable experience!