An iconic Czech herbal liqueur produced in Karlovy Vary for over 200 years. It’s timeless taste is based on a secret recipe – a balanced mix of approximately 20 herbs and spices from all over the world. This unique mix creates a pleasant bitter-sweet taste and prominent golden colour of the liqueur.


Becherovka Unfiltered stays true to the original recipe since 1807, however omitting the filtration brings out cloudy, raw and more intense tones in our beloved liqueur. Its wilder herbal taste is best enjoyed if you shake the bottle well before each pouring.


Becherovka Lemond is the flagship liqueur of our Fruits&Herbs line. This product is the result of innovative approach in production of liqueurs combined with our long-standing expertise in working with herbs and spices. What makes Lemond distinctive is the fresh citrus taste and low ABV.


A premium Czech liqueur created in 1910. Cordial is famous thanks to its unique rich flavour and is appreciated among those who enjoy sweet liqueurs. Bottled at 35 % ABV. It has a distinctive sweet taste which is based on high-quality ingredients, such as simmered white wine, linden blossom extract and prunes among others.


Czech aperitif created for those who enjoy bitter taste. It has a distinctive herbal taste with fresh notes of orange and dry red wine that also brings out rich red colour of the liquid.
Bottled at 40 % ABV, it does not contain any added sugar.