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a 200-year-old liqueur

This iconic herbal liqueur is the oldest alcohol brand in the Czech Republic – it has been continuously produced since 1807. It is produced in Karlovy Vary based on a secret recipe which has been passed down through generations.

The original recipe Josef Vitus Becher

Origin of the recipe

In 1805 Becherovka’s founder Josef Vitus Becher received a recipe written  by Dr. Frobrig. Then it took him nearly two years to adjust and perfect the recipe – a balanced mix of approximately 20 herbs and spices brough to Karlovy Vary from all over the world.

Johann Nepomuk

From Jan Becher with love

Johann Nepomuk (or in Czech Jan) took over his father’s colonial store and production of liqueurs. He is considered to be the true founder of the company as he spent 40 years developing it. Nowadays you can find his signature on every bottle.

The legendary

In 1866 Jan’s brother-in-law Karel Laube came up with a brilliant idea and proposed a unique flat bottle shape for Becherovka. Ever since then Becherovka stays true to its iconic bottle. In 1907 the glass was also changed from flint to dark green.

Steinberky factory

In 1867 Jan Becher moved growing production to a new Steinberky factory which enabled Becherovka a direct railway connection with other countries. Nowadays our visitor’s center The Home of Becherovka welcomes its guests in this historic building.


Becherovka was exported abroad for the first time in 1834 to Szczecin, one year later to Vienna, Munich and in 1838 to Paris. During the World War I it was exported to Spain, Italy, Turkey and Egypt. After the end of prohibition it also got to the United States.

Historical moments


To our traditions!

Becherovka has a long and rich history. Starting from its founders – the Becher family, alchemy and secrets surrounding the original recipe. However all that was not reflected on the bottle itself. That is why in 2018 we have created a new design for the iconic bottle with the cryptogram in its heart – Becher’s crest, a mysterious symbol that has been a part of the family heritage for centuries. Now you can enjoy Becherovka in a new premium bottle that embodies exceptional quality, craftsmanship and its rich history.


New Becherovka factory

A new modern factory was built in the Bohatice region of Karlovy Vary in just under a year. New production facilities equipped with the latest technologies enabled us to increase the production capacity by 40% and to satisfy the growing demand for Becherovka. We produce almost 8 million litres of Becherovka a year and more than half is exported abroad.


The BeTon is born

The iconic Becherovka-based cocktail BeTon was presented for the first time in 1967 during the Montreal EXPO exhibition. It was a symbol of Czech and Canadian friendship with Becherovka representing Czechia and Indian Tonic Water representing Canada. Nowadays you can enjoy this simple yet refreshing mix at home or in a bar around the world. In 2019 BeTon also became the Czech national cocktail!


The first lady in charge of Becherovka

Hedda Becher was the only woman and the last member of the Becher family who knew the secret recipe. She took over the company after the death of her father Alfred. However, due to unfortunate circumstances and the World War II she was forced to leave the company and give up the recipe to the communist regime.



Throughout the years Becherovka has changed a few names: English Bitter, Karlsbader Bitter, Karlsbader Becherbitter, Johann Becher and others. But as its popularity grew, competitors tried to create similar products. There were many attempts to copy Becherovka name, label or liquid itself. With growing amount of fake products in 1922 both Becherovka and German equivalent Becher Bitter were registered as a trademark.



Thanks to its unique taste and aroma Becherovka achieved international recognition and multiple international awards. Among the most valuable awards are medals from the World exhibitions including Paris Grand Prix 1900. The biggest reward was without a doubt the popularity among consumers. Kings, presidents or even the emperors enjoyed the unique taste of our herbal liqueur. In 1907 the emperor Franz Josef even awarded Becherovka with the prestigious title “C.K.”. Chamber supplier.


Gustav Becher’s iconic porcelain cup

In 1871 Gustav took over the family’s business after his father Jan. He stayed in charge of Becherovka for almost 3 decades. Gustav was a talented and respected businessman. He effectively managed production to answer growing demand and at the same time consistently protected Becherovka from unfair competition. Born and raised in Karlovy Vary, he connected the legendary herbal liqueur with the local craft – porcelain production. Gustav was the man behind the creation of the iconic Becherovka porcelain cup.

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