rules for visitors

The operator of the Becherovka Visitors Centre is the Jan Becher – Karlovarská Becherovka, a.s. company, based at T. G. Masaryka 282/57, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Company Registration No.: 49790765, registered in the Company Register administered by the Regional Court in Pilsen, File No. B 401 (hereinafter “JBKB”).

The Becherovka Visitors Centre (hereinafter the “BVC”) is located at the address: T. G. Masaryka 282/57, Karlovy Vary 360 01.

By entering the building where HOB is located, the visitors to HOB agree to approve this Visitors’ Code and commit to adhering to the following rules as well as with the generally binding legislation: 1. HOB is accessible to visitors year-round according to the current opening hours if not otherwise stated on part of JBKB.

2. The condition for permitting access of visitors to HOB is the payment of the given admission fee in advance. Visitors must retain their valid ticket until leaving the building and must produce it to the guide or other authorised party upon request. Group leaders present the valid ticket for group visits. The admission price is given by the price list displayed by the ticket office of HOB. The ticket is valid for only one visit to the exhibition. Visitors who have purchased an eTicket on-line should stop by reception at HOB 15 minutes prior to the beginning of tour, where their valid eTicket will be exchanged for a valid paper ticket.

3 Children (minors 18 years and under) and other persons with limited legal capacity can visit HOB accompanied by their legal guardian or another adult that is responsible for them. Children are permitted entrance to the degustation room, but they will not be allowed to consume the alcohol. Furthermore, we do not serve alcohol to pregnant women and drivers. JBKB does not recommend visits to HOB for children 5 years and under.

4. Group visits are groups of a maximum of 55 people.

5. In case of need, HOB can ensure wheelchair accessibility. A maximum of one person on a wheelchair can take part of one tour, so that the timely evacuation from the basement premises can be ensured in the case of fire.

6. Tours of the HOB are only guided and held in the language determined in advance. Visitors who speak a language other than the one in which the tour takes place can download the Smartguide app after purchasing a ticket to use the audio guide on their mobile device, which is available in 7 language mutations.

7. In case of evacuation from the premises of HOB, visitors are required to comply with the “Building Evacuation Plan” that is displayed at key locations of the HOB.

8. Every person who enters the HOB building is obligated to follow the instructions of authorised employees and behave in such a manner that they do not damage the building or its equipment or disturb the other visitors to HOB.

9. The operator has the right to prohibit entry to the HOB or have any person escorted out of the HOB whose behaviour conflicts with this code or whose behaviour they deem to be improper, and that without being entitled to a refund.

10. Smoking is prohibited in the entire HOB building, as is the use of electronic cigarettes, touching the exhibited items except for the interactive displays meant to be touched, consumption of one’s own alcohol, entry with open flames, and entry with weapons, explosives, flammables, psychotropic or toxic substances and other hazardous items that could possibly damage the health or property of HOB or of other people.

11. Persons under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics and persons in soiled clothing are prohibited from entering HOB.

12. Entrance to the premises of HOB with dogs or other animals is prohibited. It is prohibited to bring large luggage, sharp objects, or other dangerous objects that could endanger the safety of other people into the HOB.

13. The authorised employee of HOB has the last say in whether the conditions for being permitted entry to the HOB premises are met.

14. Photography and filming on mobile phones or with compact cameras without a tripod for private, non-commercial purposes is permitted in the entire premises of HOB. When filming, visitors are obligated to not disrupt the other visitors or the course of the tour, must stay within the designated areas, and must not touch or step on the displays where this is prohibited.

15. The visitor takes note that a camera system is installed in the HOB building, which serves for monitoring and ensuring the safety of visitors.

16. If any of the displays should be out of order, it shall be appropriately designated as such , and visitors are prohibited from manipulating such displays in any manner.

17. Visitors are obligated to behave in a considerate manner towards other visitors, i.e., to not disrupt them with inadequately loud or otherwise eccentric behaviour, to not use mobile telephones or other devices, etc. At the same time, they are obligated to not disrupt the guide’s lecture.

18. The visitor is obligated to behave in such a manner that they do not put themselves or any other people in danger. Furthermore, they are obligated to immediately notify the employees of HOB of any violation of this code or of situations that endanger the safety of visitors.

19. It is forbidden to freely litter in HOB, except for those places designated for this purpose.

20. JBKB is not liable for any damages to the property of health of visitors resulting from the violation of this Visitors’ Code. If a visitor should violate this code and thus cause damages, they are obligated to cover the damages in full in accordance with the generally binding legislation.

Valid from 1 March 2023